Dr Phytos Poetis

Dr Phytos Poetis

"All aspects of the law are covered and practiced by our team, with the same attention to detail given to all cases, from the smallest case to those cases that can have global implications."

All aspects of law are covered and practiced by our team at the Law Office Dr Poetis ®

The Law Office Dr Poetis ® has always dealt with issues of law under the wide remit of what is covered by the law.

Dr Phytos Poetis has wide experience of International Law and International Contracts and this is an area of practice that has been maintained and continues to be developed by him.

Being based in Cyprus is advantageous in initiating, registering and administering Intellectual Property Rights issues for Cyprus and the Middle East

Patents and their validation or registration is an important aspect of the law covered by our firm. The maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights, i.e., of patents, trade marks, designs and copyright need to be properly served. Because of the importance of this area of the law we have a specialist department in our firm dedicated solely to the issues involved with Patents and Intellectual Property Rights in general.

We also practice adversarial litigation and our team often represents clients in cases at the courts of justice particularly for trade mark infringements

We are a family based team that knows, understands and deals with real personal issues that affect the average citizen yet the scope of our work covered by our team has a strong global and international flavour

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