Dr Phytos Poetis

Dr Phytos Poetis

"I believe in a straight forward approach towards clients and opponents, to be honest, frank, not circuitous or to express evasive opinions"

Achieving our clients' requires sound forward thinking based on our world-wide experience

Dr Poetis offers this perspective from his experience and practice that: 'contracts, particularly contracts for technical projects, should, where possible, be negotiated and drafted by one and the same person who should be an international lawyer, with a commercial training, and who preferably has a technical understanding.'

Our firm promises and ensures that you, the client, will receive -

  • a service that will be thorough
  • a service that will be detailed
  • a service where all sides of the issues are considered and taken into account
  • a service that will see the drafting of tight and clear Commercial Conditions
  • a service where proposals are understood by all parties
  • a service where we anticipate differences of opinion and thus avoid legal, commercial and technical disputes
  • a service delivering to you: contracts, legal opinions, correspondence, in the language of your choice

For you, the client, this means

  • forward thinking ensuring smooth negotiations
  • preventive measures ensuring minimal complications
  • where we listen carefully to your needs to ensure clear lines to a successful project
  • from draft proposals to actual enactment ensuring that there will be a satisfactory completion of projects

For us, the legal representative and you, the client, this means

  • a good outcome based on the issues of the legal and commercial side
  • a satisfactory closure
  • an outcome that closes future litigation

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"Achieving the needs of our clients through sound forward thinking based on our world-wide experience"