Dr Phytos Poetis

Dr Phytos Poetis

"I believe that justice as she is portrayed, is blindfolded so that the scales she holds are balanced so that all who stand before her are treated equally and fairly"

The core values that form the foundation of the Law Office Dr Poetis ®

In todays world and society one needs some sound core values to be able to manoeuvre oneself in an ethical and just way. In looking for justice one needs to be just, one needs an honest broker to stand up for the rights of the client

What is the approach of Dr Phytos Poetis to the business of law?

Dr Phytos Poetis believes that a lawyer should have and practice these charateristics

  • straightforwardness towards clients and opponents
  • honesty and frankness that allows for no circuitous or evasive opinions
  • flexibility and a certain nobility in the causes that the firm takes up
  • solid sound negotiation and drafting skills
  • where it counts, solid international experience

Our core values can be summed up as sincerity, integrity, straightforwardness.

My belief is that one should speak honestly to all concerned in any legal action taken by us - clients, defendants, protagonists.

We are a firm with solid values that inform and provide a firm foundation from which to build on all your legal needs and objectives

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