Dr Phytos Poetis

Dr Phytos Poetis

"We are a firm with solid values dedicated to helping those in need of a lawyer and sound independent advice"

Firm's Profile

The Law Office Dr Poetis ® was founded and established in 1965 in Famagusta, Cyprus.

In 1974 it relocated to Hamburg, Germany. The company was rebased back to Larnaca, Cyprus in 1992. Here it continues to thrive as a successful Law Office with a wide remit on Law issues

With his interests being in the 'international field', Dr Phytos Poetis developed his experience in international business contracts. The firm expanded and dealt primarily with the subsequent international work dealing with legal, commercial and technical matters, their eventual implementation and, in case of problems, with their solutions. Alongside this international perspective Dr Phytos Poetis also broadened his practice to dealing with a wide range of other matters such as those that involved the area of Intellectual Property.

In Hamburg, Dr Phytos Poetis established and developed a successful practice as an International Lawyer, an aspect which the firm proudly continues till today. These global commitments involved travelling around the globe working on many International Projects.

Today, with the offices in Larnaca, Dr Phytos Poetis leads an experienced team, well versed in International Law, with the main focus of the firm being international work and international clients

The firm also has a strong base and commitment to locally based issues and deals daily with such issues that do not have international commitments

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