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Dr Phytos Poetis

"If you need advice, if you need counsel to represent your case, call or email, our team at Law Office Dr Poetis ® we are there to help"

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Call or contact our offices to discuss any issues that you feel need qualified legal advice, guidance or representation. We can be contacted in and out of office hours, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year. Our phone line is monitored constantly

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POETICA ® Court, Serron 1, Larnaka – Kamares


POB 40250 . CY – 6302 Larnaka


+357 – 24 66 55 00


+357 – 24 66 55 11


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"Wherever you are, or wherever we are, with todays electronic communications network and its delivery of instant access, we can remain in constant contact, thus ensuring an immediate response to all situations that may arise. Based in Cyprus, our practice is geographically at the centre of Europe, Asia and Africa, with the Americas and the rest of the world only a simple phone call and flight away."