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Dr Phytos Poetis

"My main aim as a Lawyer is to help my clients avoid disputes before they lead to courts and expensive arbitration tribunals."

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In an increasingly complicated world, in the sphere of legal matters, one needs a true and honest broker who offers legal services, to uphold your rights, to fight against injustice and wrongs, to carry out those duties required by law, and to help all those that need sound legal advice and advocacy, a lawyer you can rely on a lawyer you can trust

In the world of business, one needs professionals with a wide experience, who can be trusted to work on your behalf, and who will have a thorough understanding and competency of all the issues involved. On the International stage one needs an experienced International Lawyer

In the world of personal matters, one needs good trusted legal advice and good advocacy to stand up for your rights and to uphold those rights

The law needs an experienced interlocutor, an experienced player, a law professional who you can trust to do the best for you and your case, at a personal level or on a business level

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Dr Phytos Poetis of the law firm Law Office Dr Poetis ® is the lawyer to call

Dr Phytos Poetis a lawyer to trust

We at the Law Office Dr Poetis ® are professionals who care

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